The Boston Biomedical Innovation Center (B-BIC) offers funding and resources to academic investigators in order to foster technology development and accelerate translational research on device, diagnostic, and therapeutic technologies for the well-being of patients and society.  B-BIC is currently focused on technologies aimed at improving patient care in heart, lung, blood, and sleep disorders.


B-BIC provides funding for: studies aimed at technology development and translational research; regulatory, legal, and business development expertise; and entrepreneurial training.  

B-BIC DRIVE grants provide up to $200,000 for direct costs, with significant involvement from the Center, to support milestone-based projects. DRIVE projects may take 18 - 24 months and are expected to include proof-of-value and validation studies for commercial translation of the technology.

B-BIC offers pilot grants up to $50,000 to support direct costs for one year.  Pilot projects may include feasibility studies as well as experiments to test the reproducibility of hypothesis-driven research with a goal of developing the commercial value of the technology. 


Core Facilities


B-BIC announces its first two DRIVE grant recipients

Seemantini Nadkarni, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Assistant Professor at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine at Massachusetts General Hospital for continued development of a low-cost, bed-side blood sensor 

Jonathan Thon, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Instructor in Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and Joseph Italiano, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School Associate Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital for continued development of an in vitro platelet bioreactor. l Full Story



Medical Device Development October 28-29, 2014 – This two-day course will cover the process of identifying novel technologies, navigating intellectual property and regulatory considerations, and planning and executing pre-clinical and clinical studies through licensing and commercialization. Click here for more information

Realities of Commercializing Life Sciences in 2014 – November 3, 2014, 5:30PM @ Hi-Lab. Three entrepreneurs will discuss the realities of the commercialization landscape in 2014. Please identify B-BIC in your registration to participate as a non-Harvard affiliate. Click here for more information.

CDRH Industry Basics Workshop,  November 4, 2014 hosted by CDRH’s Division of Industry and Consumer Education (DICE).  The workshop will feature five sessions, each of which will consist of a presentation followed by a question and answer session with a panel of experts.   You will be able to email or call us with your questions during each session. All participants will attend via webinar. For more information on how to join this workshop, click hereFor questions about this event, please contact or call 1-800-638-2041.

Mass General and Samsung, with MIT Hacking Medicine, 1½ day Hackathon for the use of wearable and other mobile devices in healthcare. The kick-off event will challenge hackers (YOU!) to create the latest solutions and apps for mobile devices in healthcare.  November 7th & 8th. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. will be bringing the latest hardware offerings and software development tools, as well as expert engineering mentors to help teams build their applications.  Apply soon because spots fill up quickly.  For more information and how to register:

The Startup Founders’ Guide to Incorporating, Funding, and Governance, November 13, 2014,  6:00PM, Harvard Innovation Lab.  Learn how to: manage the legal process for key founding milestones around incorporation, funding, and governance; allocate shares to founders, investors, and employees, and set terms around control, vesting, discounts, and participation. Please identify B-BIC in your registration to participate as a non-Harvard affiliate.  Click here for more information.